Semalt as a Factor of Successful SEO Promotion

Not a website can be promoted without automated optimization. Many tasks can be accomplished by the robots much faster and better than by the most experienced SEO promotion specialist. That's why for the selection of the search requests, insertion of links, monitoring the state of websites, and solving a number of other problems, Semalt has developed the high-tech solutions that are actively used in promoting the websites. The effective methods allow us to reduce the time frame for achieving results, improve the quality of SEO optimization, help to track and respond quickly to the changes of algorithms in the search engines. 

Thanks to the powerful team, our SEO becomes even more effective. Semalt is not limited to SEO optimization, its competence allows us to enrich the website owners even in the period of a prolonged crisis. More than a decade of hard work within the SEO-promotion market has made us the undisputed leader in this field. Semalt develops an individual promotion strategy for the website, assessing its weaknesses and bottlenecks, and then moves on to its implementation. The effectiveness of the techniques decreases the time it takes to achieve results and raises the percentage of tasks completed.

Today, when SEO promotion is overgrown with additional concepts and hides much more than a set of familiar terms, the results of the website promotion depend directly on the number and experience of the team members. Therefore, the team of world-class professionals is working over each SEO project. Every member of Semalt team is a highly gifted specialist in the SEO industry, whose experience and professionalism are confirmed by the certificates, customer feedback, and most importantly — the positive results of the website's promotion. 

A clear delineation of responsibilities allows each member of the team to be immersed in solving only their specialized tasks. In its turn, it contributes to their urgent implementation and faster achievement of the result. The operational monitoring of the dynamics of the project maintenance, which saves time on data collection, allows Semalt to quickly adjust the promotion strategy.

SEO strategy

The right strategy largely determines the success and speed of the website's promotion. In order to form it, we need to understand what goals and in what time frame we are trying to achieve them. In other words, SEO strategy is a plan to achieve a certain goal over a specified period of time. The main goal of the website promotion may be either to achieve the top positions in the search engine for a number of significant requests or to increase the traffic. It is essential that these goals are achievable, correlate with the reality of the search engines and the state of the website. If the goal is not formulated correctly, you can waste both financial and temporal resources, but never achieve the result. Semalt forms only an individual strategy for each website.

Considering that the Search Engine Optimization is a complex and a deep elaboration of all the factors that influence the ranking, we choose a search promotion strategy based on our practical experience. We write a lot of quality content for your site, we develop technical recommendations so that the search engine would pass through all the pages, analyze your traffic, offer the ways to increase conversion, insert the high-quality external links, monitor your competitors. Depending on the current state of your website, we apply different concepts to build a strategy.

In most cases, websites need to be modified to the requirements of the search engine, and this involves additional expenses. Web developers create beautiful and good resources, but more often do not comprehend SEO. Our Semalt experts will carry out a number of works and make the recommendations that need to be implemented on the website, so that right after the launch, it would begin to be indexed by the search robots.

AutoSEO Promotion

The substantial promotion of the website definitely depends on the amount of traffic. The traffic can only be increased by a complex of measures. Thus, Semalt has created a unique system of procedures aimed at the impactful promotion of the website to the top positions in the search engine. All the measures are taken within the framework of a single campaign known as AutoSEO. For many website owners, AutoSEO came to be a real trigger for prosperity. The AutoSEO campaign is conducted exclusively in the interaction with Semalt specialists and includes the following tasks:
  • selecting appropriate keywords;
  • website analysis;
  • website research;
  • website error correction;
  • developing links to niche-related websites;
  • ranking upgrade;
  • customer support.
To run the AutoSEO campaign, you have to register on the website. First of all, your website will be analyzed completely and the result of the analysis will be delivered immediately in the form of a report. Besides, the list of identified errors will also be displayed. Our SEO engineer will carefully study the structure of the website and eliminate the existing errors. After the elimination of the errors, the SEO engineer will select the right keywords. Next, we need to select the internet links to insert them into the relevant online resources. The relevance of the content is also checked by the specialist. You don't have to do any actions because all the operations are performed by the experts. Very soon, you will see the amazing results of your website's promotion to the top positions, as its properties are improved.

By the end of the preliminary procedures, the specialist will carry out the last processing of the website, including the changes in the website structure. There is no reason to worry about the safety of your website, all the changes are made under the careful supervision of the Semalt manager. You get a report on the necessary edits and may ask the specialist for an explanation if you do not understand some action. 

The search engine periodically updates ranking, which means we need to take into account this fact while making the changes on the website. The access to FTP (File Transfer Protocol) helps us to accurately capture all the signals concerning updates. The final stage will be the insertion of the keywords, according to the semantic structure of the content. Throughout the campaign, you take part as an observer and watch out for the positive optimization results. AutoSEO service is relatively non-expensive, a monthly running the campaign costs only $99.

FullSEO Campaign

For a number of reasons, not all website owners are satisfied with the long-term prospects of optimization. Semalt did not ignore the time-limited entrepreneurs too. The urgent growth of the website's rating indicators became available due to developing a unique SEO optimization method, such as FullSEO campaign. The conducting of this campaign also guarantees the complete riddance of your competitors in the search engine. The positions of their websites will be out of sight.
As part of the program, FullSEO performs external and internal optimization. To run FullSEO you will have to sign up on our website. The registration will be followed by an internal optimization phase that includes a full analysis of the website and a detailed report. All identified errors will be immediately corrected by our SEO expert, who will also determine the semantic core. Internal optimization includes selecting the right keywords, which ensure the successful promotion in the search engine.

Further actions will be directed to external optimization. External optimization will help to increase the link mass of the website. This will be achieved in the consequence of inserting the backlinks. The backlinks will be inserted into various online resources with a solid reputation. This cannot be done without Semalt specialists, as only they have the data of resources' reliability. We must pay tribute to the years of experience of the company that cooperates only with the verified websites and the conscientious partners. During the campaign, you may contact with the specialist on all matters at any time. To your convenience, the reports with rating growth indicators of your website are periodically delivered, whereas all the responsibility for promotion lies on Semalt.

FullSEO guarantees a stable level of rankings positions even after the SEO promotion stops. As you know, Google removes the backlinks from the data archive if optimization is suspended. But the ranking fall will not be too detrimental to the website. The level of the positions will remain much higher than it was before the FullSEO campaign. If you're ready to get a quick optimization result, then choose the FullSEO. The final price for the service will be known after a preliminary study of your website's state. By the way, all the expenses will seem to you really insignificant in comparison with the profit, which will be brought by FullSEO.

Analytics in SEO Promotion

Typically, the website owners face the same challenges when it comes to assessing the effectiveness of SEO-optimization. After all, the increased traffic, as it turned out, does not raise the sales. Everyone wants to know how to increase website conversion or how to correctly run an advertising campaign on the internet. All this cannot be solved in some miraculous way, but based on the analytical data, you can avoid a lot of mistakes that impede the promotion of the website and the development of your business. Semalt created and proposed a new system of the website auditing, which was highly appreciated by users. This is Analytics, it collects the website's analytical data and allows you to find a rational solution for all the technical errors. The main tasks of Analytics are:
  • keyword suggestion;
  • keyword ranking;
  • brand monitoring;
  • keywords position analysis;
  • competitors explorer;
  • website analysis.
There are many negative factors influencing the website's position in the search engine. After conducting a full audit of the website, Analytics will determine the true assessment of the optimization and approve the list of key target requests. Guided by these data, our experts will include the requests in the semantic core, which will affect the successful promotion. To run Analytics you will need to register on our website. The analytical data will be delivered in the form of reports, and the experts will make the right changes on the website. One of the benefits of Analytics is analyzing the websites of your competitors to make a comparative analysis.

If you have a valid account, you have the option to add any number of third-party websites to your personal cabinet. Each added website begins to be automatically analyzed and then a detailed report is provided. Using the analytical data of your competitors' websites, you will easily track their status and position in the search engine. Because the search engine's algorithms are constantly updated, all the changes on the website will be made in accordance with the latest updates. The correct analysis of the website allows the specialists to choose the important keywords on which the traffic growth will depend. You may add the keywords at your discretion and remove the outdated ones at any time. Analytics saves a lot of your time, as you don't have to be involved in the process.

The collection of analytical information does not stop for a minute. 24-hour data acquisition makes your competitors vulnerable, and you stay up to date with everything that happens in the search engine. You don't even have to take any action, all the edits are made by our experts. Once your website takes the top positions, as Semalt assure, your competitors will no longer be able to reach the position of your website. It is recommended to use Application Programming Interface, it's very convenient when all the data is automatically synchronized. Three main Analytics packages are available to users:
  • STANDARD — $69 per month (300 keywords, 3 projects, 3 months position history);
  • PROFESSIONAL — $99 per month (1 000 keywords, 10 projects, 1 year position history);
  • PREMIUM — $249 per month (10 000 keywords, unlimited projects).

Promotional Explainer Video Production  

Explainer Video is a short media clip that presents a certain product position or service in a profitable form. The promotional video gives the potential customers a bright and memorable view of the product, which describes its positive characteristics and emphasizes its merits over similar products of the competitors. The purpose of ordering a commercial video is simple — to increase the sales and expand the potential audience to the services suggested or goods promoted. 
Our video can really familiarize as many potential customers as possible with your product on the internet. Due to this, the sales start increasing, and that's the final goal. Semalt doesn't create just a beautiful exterior of your brand, we get completely immersed in your ideology releasing a powerful marketing mechanism. Each video product has its own unique features, the cost and the list of possible works. You can choose a template option of the video or order the desired version.
It would be instructive to suggest you read the customer feedback on the website. Then you'll come to know why Semalt doesn't need self-promotion, and why it has no equal competitors either. You can check out the real cases where our merits are truly described. We do not suggest only SEO optimization services, in fact, we really care about the welfare of our customers. By contacting Semalt, you will make the right investment, which will bring you a tremendous profit. Choosing Semalt, you're going to be a success.